Stories aren’t simply words on a page meant for momentary entertainment. Rather, they are to be portals that lead to other worlds and expand the imagination. They are to contain characters with whom readers develop emotional connections, and they are to teach lessons, morals, and themes. Stories with those elements are like a black hole—they suck readers in and are unforgettable!

Megan launched Literary Portals Editing in order to partner with writers and businesses in creating or editing content that becomes portals to other worlds. Offering services in copyediting, critiquing, and proofreading, she is excited to come alongside clients to create content that will not only entertain but will also impact readers.


Editing Services

My services include a basic copyedit, medium copyedit, proofread, and critique. Find out more about what those entail and my rates here.

About Me

With a passion for the written word, I am determined to help my clients craft writing that shines. Read more about me here!

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If you have any questions or would like to use my services, please fill out the form here.