About Me

Hello, friends!

As you probably have guessed from my picture, I am young.  But youth has not prevented me from becoming an editor and writer. Rather, it has fueled my desire to become the best at writing and editing that I can be.

I’ve been writing stories from a young age and reading them even longer. The first story I recall writing was for my aunt and was about a family of dogs. My aunt expected it to be a cute, innocent story about the fuzzy creatures, but I learned plot twists at a young age.

All the dogs died.

From that point, my fate as a writer was sealed. After taking the One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) curriculum my freshman year of high school, I fell in love not only with story but also with editing and helping others craft the story of their dreams. I earned my BA in English through Thomas Edison State University, taking classes to study nonfiction and creative writing, and I am currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate of Professional Sequence in Editing through UC Berkeley.

The past seven years I have spent studying the craft of writing and creating my own stories. I have written three novels–two during NaNoWriMo–and am preparing to pursue publication for my current work in progress. I’ve also attended five writing workshops, hosted by the creators of OYAN, that taught me to allow my imagination to flow freely, to create characters readers can connect with, and to design plot twists that cause readers to bite their nails in suspense.

Needless to say, story has become an integral part of my life.

For many years, though, studying grammar made me want to cry. It wasn’t until college that a professor transformed my thinking and taught me the joy of proper grammar. Now my family can’t text me without my cringing at their use of “where r u” or their lack of punctuation (those commas are important). I enjoy studying The Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook, finding it exciting to learn new rules and tips for grammar, usage, and mechanics. However, I don’t think the i before e except after c rule will ever make sense to me, considering more words rebel than follow that rule.

I am excited to use my passion for words to partner with you, and I hope that together we can fulfill your dreams for your work.