Editing Services

For all of my edits, I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word. If you do not have Word and would still like my editing services, feel free to contact me, and we can try to work something out. However, the rates for my services are subject to change. If you have never used Track Changes before, I can send you a short tutorial along with your completed manuscript.

PayPal is my preferred method of payment. A 50% deposit is due upon agreement of services and prior to my beginning work. The final 50% payment is due upon completion of the manuscript and reception of the invoice. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Basic Copyedit at $.02/word

  • ensures consistency in punctuation, capitalization, spelling, etc.
  • corrects incorrect usage of words
  • flags inaccuracies or inconsistencies
  • checks alphabetization and numbering of lists, figures, and tables
  • flags unclear or wordy writing
  • checks and corrects redundancies
  • checks specific cross-references
  • asks for clarification of terms that may be new to readers
  • reviews word choices


Medium Copyedit at $.03 word

  • includes all tasks in a basic copyedit
  • supplies suggested revisions for wordy, unclear, and redundant writing
  • ensures consistency of tone and style throughout the manuscript
  • changes inconsistent verb tenses
  • flags or smooths awkward transitions
  • moves sentences to improve readability
  • suggests additions and deletions


Critique $.03/word

This is an overall review of a manuscript. It will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, giving general suggestions for improvement. I will make some comments and suggested edits right in the Word file, then also write an analysis that details what worked and what didn’t work in the manuscript.


Proofreading $.01/word

A proofread is usually done after a manuscript has already been edited and formatted. It is the final read-through to correct any remaining errors that may be hiding and preventing you from having a grammatically flawless manuscript. It focuses on finding and fixing incorrect grammar, punctuation, spelling, verb tenses, and other mechanical errors.


Note: I will not work with sexual or overly violent content. I have the right to refuse a manuscript containing content I am not comfortable with.