Who Needs an Editor?

When you think of who needs an editor, I’m sure your first thought is authors of books. Over a million books are published each year whether through self-publishing or a traditional publisher or some other means. All these books need an editor to catch plot holes, typos, a misplaced comma, and a whole list of issues that can appear in writing. But books aren’t the only literature that require—or should require—an editor. Fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, magazines, newspapers, journals, brochures, announcements, flyers, blogs, websites, essays, emails, memos, pretty much anything that is written could benefit from an editor.

You may be scoffing at the fact that something as short as an email or an announcement could benefit from an editor. But you would be surprised at how often professional emails, billboards, or wedding announcements contain misspellings and incorrect uses of their, there, they’re or its and it’s. I’ve even seen power points of widely acclaimed speakers contain typos and incorrect usages.

So if you’re considering whether or not you need an editor—you probably do. Even editors need an editor for their writings. Before I launched this website, I had someone look over each page for grammar mistakes!

And remember, an editor isn’t there to trash your book, to rewrite it to fit their tastes, or to discourage you from writing. A good editor comes alongside you to polish your work and make sure that it fulfills your dream for it. There are different levels of editing available, depending on the author’s need and budget, and an editor will help you make your work shine.

In my years of editing, I have performed edits on fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, short stories, brochures, wedding announcements, pamphlets, and emails. If you are considering an editor for your writing project, I would love to discuss more on how I can best help you! You can find a list of my services here or contact me here with any questions.